Can a 2 Year Old Wear a Swim Vest?

When choosing kids' swim vest, parents will wonder is it their child old enough to use the product, and whether this kid's swim vest is suitable for their child.

To be honest, from one year old, babies can start to wear the swim vest or life jackets in the pool. It is the advisable choice for parents to choose the swim vest with shoulder sleeves for their kids. built-in buoyancy aids and with the arm buoyancy can help babies feel more confident in the pool and encourage them to maintain the natural horizontal position for swimming. 

Our Aurya swim vest is suitable for toddlers who are 33-55lb weight. Let me introduce the life vest from several aspects.


1. EPE pearl cotton lining + oxford cloth material

This swim vest is made of lightweight and soft material EPE pearl cotton lining, with low density and weight, it is very easy to carry and use on travel; secondly, the EPE pearl cotton lining has a good cushioning performance, effectively reduce the child in the process of swimming by the impact and vibration, to ensure the safety of the same time can be in the safety of the range of impact on the water brought about by the thrill. It is the best choice for your child's swimming vest.

NOTE: Do not use if your life vest shows signs of weathering.


2. With adjustable buckled straps

No matter how old your child is, as long as the weight is 33 to 55lb, you can use our swim vest. This swim vest has adjustable buckled straps and only an adult can remove the life jacket, you can adjust it according to your child's size in the most comfortable condition so that your child can enjoy the fun of the water!


3. U.S.C.G. (US Coast Guard) and TC (Transport Canada) Approved

The Swim Vest is a level 70 (Type V/III) PFD for children 33-55lbs. Life Vest meets the U.S.C.G. and TC standards of quality providing safety and security for kids and children in water-based activities.


4. Safety Shoulder Harness

Ensure your child can swim without worrying about the life jacket slipping off, allowing for flexible shoulder movement. This not only enhances their understanding of proper swimming techniques more efficiently but also allows them to freely enjoy the pleasure of swimming.